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History of TCTC


Coaches will determine as soon as possible what the official TCTC competitions will be for the season, and they will be posted on the Schedule; we have to wait until the meets are posted and sometimes this can be unpredictable.


To learn about possible competition venues visit

If you would like your athlete to have extra competition opportunities, your child may compete independently (without a coach) at any event, but it is good to discuss this with the coaches.

Initially, most track meets are normally held within a three (3) hour distance of Raleigh/Durham, NC. However, as the season progresses, we will participate in meets that are out of state (i.e. Regional and Nationals.)

Click on the Schedule to get the list of meets. Please note that meet schedule is subject to change throughout the season.



Indoor does not have all the same events as Outdoor, and if field events are your main interest, you should speak with the coaches about how training, practice and competition will work. If there is a specific event you are interested in and want to know more information, reach out to the coaches!

Please keep in mind a track meets can last a majority of the day if not the entire day; so, come prepared. Please make sure you have read our Track Basics and the Track Gear forms.  The meets have many different teams, events, and age divisions competing, so bring your patience. For example, if your child is a sprinter and runs the 100m and 200m events, the 100m will be near the beginning of the meet while the 200m is much later in the day. We do not want the athletes running around between events and getting too tired before they compete. Please be patient and considerate of your track neighbors, the officials and other athletes.

During all Track Meets please make sure you stay engaged on Team Reach.  Announcements will be communicated in case of inclement weather.  Event announcements are often repeated to make sure athletes are not late getting to events.  

Developmental vs. Qualifying Meets

Developmental meets are normally run during the first ¾ of the season. They are intended to prepare the athletes for the qualifying meets, which will be contested towards the end of the season. Most developmental meets allow all athletes to participate and there are no standards that need to have been met in order to compete. Note: There may be some limitations of events and non-participation due to an athletes age.

Qualifying meets are run during the last quarter of the season. Qualifying meets normally consist of three rounds (i.e. Association/District, Regional, National) with the final round being the Junior Olympics. An athlete or relay team must be in a top certain number of spots to “advance” to the next round. If an athlete or relay team do not “advance” their season will end.

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