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History of TCTC

A Brief History of the Triangle Champions Track Club

Inspired by the desire to provide their children with a more wholesome and rewarding track and field experience, Tim Thorpe, Jan Powell & Steve Powell began discussions about formulating a new track club in May 2006. With no experience in this endeavor, they began to seek out others who could help shape this vision into reality. By July 2006, Omar Beasley, Richard Fuqua and Kim Fuqua were brought in and the Triangle Champions Track Club was incorporated in September 2006, The focus of the organization was to build children in the areas of athletic, spiritual, intellectual, and social development. Our intention was to teach our members to become champions in life as well as in competition.

We established the following: track & field program, tutorial service, health & wellness training, and community service.

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The founding Board members included:

Tim Thorpe

Jan Powell

Richard Fuqua

Omar Beasley
Head Couch 

Kim Fuqua
At Large 

Steven Powell
At Large

In February 2007, we unveiled our first Outdoor Track and Field Season at Rogers Herr Middle School. Omar Beasley was selected Head Coach and the initial coaching staff consisted of 10-12 coaches. We enrolled 93 athletes during that first year with modest success on track.

In the Fall of 2007, we unveiled Durham's first youth Cross Country Team with 16 athletes. Coach Donnell Mitchell led the team and was instrumental to the formation of the Cross-Country Program; which still exists today. In the Spring of 2008, Donnell Mitchell was selected as an At-Large Board Member. 

In the Winter of 2007, Coach Omar Beasley led the development of our Indoor Track and Field Program. About 15 athletes participated and traveled to various locations on the East Coast. This program continues to operate at the present.

In the 2008 and 2009 seasons, TCTC enrolled nearly 200 youth in our athletic program. Nearly all of the 20 or so high school graduates have gone to college. Some on full athletic scholarship.


TCTC has received grants from 2 different sources: The Renaissance Education Group & Durham County Government. We received nearly $20,000 in products and services from The Renaissance Group which allowed us to build our capacity in a number of areas. We received a laptop computer, color printer, advertising materials & supplies. We were, also, able to purchase a FinishLynx automatic timing system that the club continues to use to date. For the last two years, we were awarded nearly $10,000 each year from Durham Country. This grant allows us to cover some travel but mostly other miscellaneous expenses.

In 2010, we added 6 new Board members: Paul Gregory, Randall Laws, Dr. Elsie Leak, Sheldren Hardison, Jamil Buie, and Doretta Walker. They were instrumental in helping the club to expand programming and funding opportunities that the club still benefits from today.

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