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Practice Location/Time 


Indoor Season:   202 - TBD:

Tuesday, Thursday 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Lyons Park indoor facility



Outdoor Season:  March 18, 2024 - August 2024 (Start Date Changed)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6:30 - 8pm

Riverside High School, 3218 Rose of Sharon Road, Durham NC 27712

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Are practices mandatory?

Each practice is fundamentally important. We would like the athlete to attend as many practices as possible; however, we understand that extenuating circumstances may occur. If the athlete needs to miss a practice for any reason, the coaches can give them a workout so they can practice on their own. The harder the athlete works in practice, and on his or her own outside of practice, the better they will perform in meets.

How will practices look?

Early season begins with conditioning workouts. Each practice will start with warm-ups, drills, and then event specific workouts. Although our program is competitive, we will accommodate the different age groups and experience levels. We desire for this to be a fun experience for all participants, so we will be creative in making practice enjoyable; however, we will challenge our athletes to push themselves to do things they may have never done before.

Practice Cancellation

  • In the event that practice needs to be cancelled, a communication will be placed on the Parent GroupMe.  We do strive to have this information communicated no later than 5:00 pm, please keep in mind that due to the unpredictability of weather, practice may need to be cancelled even up to the start of practice.

  • Important Message:  Don’t assume practice is cancelled just because it is raining where you are.

In case increment weather (i.e., thunder / lightning) occurs DURING practice, the coaching staff will determine the sheltering plan for the athletes, which most of the time will be exiting the stadium and sheltering in a vehicle. Therefore, please do not leave your athlete at practice if you know that inclement weather is possible. In addition, practice could be cancelled all together meaning athletes will need to leave, immediately.

Athlete Pick-Up

  • Practice normally ends at the announced end time. However, there are days when practice could finish early or a few minutes later.   Therefore, please plan on being at the practice facility 30 minutes before the announced end time to wait for your athlete to finish practicing. 

  • If a parent/guardian is planning to leave the premises, please ensure that a coach is made aware and has a contact number.

  • For safety reasons, parents/guardians are asked to come into the stadium to pick up their athlete. In addition, you are asked to notify your athlete’s coach that you are taking your athlete. Athletes are NOT allowed to exit the stadium without an adult!!!



It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to send your athlete to practice with plenty of water. We prefer your athlete bring a large reusable water container. Please write your athlete’s name on their water container so that they can easily identify their container.

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