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Our Coaches

TCTC Coaching Staff

TCTC strives to attract the best coaches with the experience necessary to run a program that will give each child the proper tools to achieve success.  Our coaches set the tone for the season by getting to know their athletes and implement strategies, discuss techniques, teach fundamentals, formulate goals, communicate expectations and lay the foundations for each athlete's success.  In addition, as a minimum, TCTC requires that our coaches have or are seeking USATF Level 1 Certification.


Each of our coaches represents the spirit of our club:  driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless each athlete's potential is to grow!

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Elizabeth Brown
Donnell Mitchell
Walter Bradley
Dennis Alston
Diana Freeman
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Arkell Barnes 
Cheryl Bowden
Stephanie Robinson
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Teteateh Snoh
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Training Philosophy

 As members of USA Track & Field, we adhere to the athlete-centered philosophy of training. Athletes first and winning second, summarizes our approach to training and coaching. Superior ethical conduct, strong athlete-coach relationships, sound teaching and training are essential to our club.


The physical, spiritual, psychological and social development of our athletes is the foundation for our training. We train our athletes to be highly competitive in their events. In addition, we see track and field as a positive pastime and a healthy source of fun and amusement for all athletes.

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